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Dear Member,

EPA recently released a proposal to shut down many of the power plants that keep our lights on.  The opportunity to comment on this proposal has been extended, and we now have until December 1st to make sure that our voices are heard.  To join us and speak out about this proposal, visit today. If you’ve already spoken out, THANK YOU.  Help us again by passing this message along to friends and family.

The proposed rule will directly impact you and your community.  It jeopardizes your local electric cooperative’s ability to provide you with affordable and reliable power.

Across the nation, family budgets are already stretched thin. An increase in the cost of electricity could mean that families have to choose between filling up the gas tank and keeping the heat on.

To date, we’ve collected one million comments from Americans concerned that the EPA proposal goes too far, too fast.  Stacked on top of one another, these comments would tower nearly ten stories higher than the Statue of Liberty.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to tell the EPA we can’t afford its proposed energy plan by visiting

Thank you for standing with us once again by speaking out at or filling out a postcard at a community event or electric cooperative meeting.


America’s Electric Cooperatives

Share your concerns about EPA with friends and family across social media, or direct them to where they can learn more and send their own messages.


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